The Unionpay Black International card is the only card that will let you go to an ATM take out $540 ($2) $160 ($2) $200 ($2) ATM fee $2.00 transaction each time. TFG is the card for you! All these transactions where made within 30 mins"

William JonesInterior Architect

I took my wife out to dinner a few nights ago for our 15th year wedding anniversary and decided to used my Unionpay Black International card to pay for the dinner the other night. I pulled up my credit score to see that my score went up 115 pts. Wow, I was shocked at how fast it reported to the credit bureaus and how much my score had increased."

Jeffery Lockhart

The Unionpay Black International card was used at the Bentley dealership today and $5000 was charged"

Michael KrossSenior Interior Designer

Today after using my TFG Credit Card I received an alert from Experian."

Amy WarmouthVisualiser of Interiors

Here is a email directly from Experian to our C.E.O. showing how fast our cards are reporting."

Our own CEO uses her TFG Unionpay Card everyday. She keeps a record of her weekly activities. Look below."

Sharon Fletcher-Lewskyi MurphyCEO of TFG