TFG Ring

WHAT CAN IT DO? Unlock your Smart phone or tablet Take your TFG Ring enabled phone out of your pocket, slide your hand on the back and the Ring can unlock it*. It couldn't be easier. The TFG Ring comes with two special tag inlays inside the ring, one for public information and one for more sensitive stuff. The OPN model comes with one ring inlay inside, but has an enhanced operating range and compatibility. Lock and unlock your door Want to be able to use your ring to open your house? No problem. Just grab yourself a TFG ring enabled door lock, install it and your TFG Ring can interact with it. Water Resistant The TFG Ring is water resistant and has been tested to a depth of 50m. Share & Transfer information You can use your TFG Ring to share Wifi information, links to websites, links to pictures, contact information or whatever you think is suitable to be passed securely to your friends smartphone's and tablets. Control Applications You can also use your TFG Ring to start apps with custom settings (parameters) which makes it even easier to use your device. How about turning wifi or bluetooth on for example, at the swipe of a hand? No charging required

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